Let's not be exclusive

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🗓️ March 5, 2024

Soho Private Members Club is where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle went on an early blind date.

(Also, Jude Law’s kid was once hospitalized after finding and eating some floor-mdma.)

It’s an exclusive club for creatives. The Problem With Being Exclusive

But in 28 years, it’s never turned a profit (until now).

All it took was:

  • A series of buy outs
  • Open shit loads of properties
  • Triple admissions
  • Lift spend-per-member

In Gen-Z parlance. I’m obsessed with the status sell: it’s genius.

But there’s an issue:

  • Shareholders think “if you aren’t growing you are dying”.
  • But when your key product is keeping people out… you can’t

Ps. Will add this to Interesting Questions one day