Created: February 23, 2023
Updated: August 10, 2023

Strategy is researched approach to attaining a goal.

Similar things to strategy (that aren’t a strategy):

  • A plan - is just a list of steps or tasks.

  • A goal - I have a goal to be a trillionaire. Goals are just dreams.

What a strategy needs:

  • A goal - your dream

  • Obstacle analysis - An honest and thorough analysis of the obstacles

  • Approach - an overarching approach to handle and overcome said obstacles

  • A plan - actual actions and steps to reach the goal

Most strategies don’t consider obstacles, making them shortsighted and over-optimistic views of achieving a goal.

Building a Strategy

A strategy is a realistic approach to attaining a goal (in light of obstacles). Building a strategy takes a constant revision of the fundamental elements until there is a harmonious and achievable approach.

Keep revising your goal, approach, obstacles, and plan until your goals are desirable and achievable.

Heavily influenced by the best book on strategy: Good Strategy/Bad Strategy.